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Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing for a Home Services Business

Ready to get started improving the digital marketing for your home services business? This is the place. The information below will walk you through the different digital marketing techniques that you need to implement in your business. First, get an overview about digital marketing. Then learn about the basics of marketing including having a marketing plan and branding.

The remaining sections will go over the specific digital marketing techniques you need in your local services business. They are listed in order of importance. The foundation is your business website. Then learn about business listings, reputation management and social media. These three are the core way you raise awareness for your business. The final two sections will discuss IT projects and paid advertising. IT projects help streamline your business operations and paid advertising can extend the reach of your marketing message.

The sections all explain what each digital marketing technique is and go into detail about how they can help your business. Digital Marketing Extreme is your source for digital marketing tips and techniques for your home service business.


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Digital Marketing Steps for your Home Services Business

Home Service Digital Marketing


Digital marketing is an expansion of traditional marketing that uses Internet technologies to help your business reach its potential audience. The main reason you need to use digital marketing in your home service business is because traditional marketing no longer has the reach it once did.


Digital marketing is a form of marketing for a home service business.  Marketing is a business process where you explain your products and services to a potential client or “market”.  The digital part is what makes digital marketing new.  Marketing has been around since businesses needed to find customers.  The traditional marketing methods have been newspapers, radio, TV and direct mail.  Many things in life have changed with the Internet and marketing has changed too.  Digital marketing is a number of new methods enabled by the Internet.  These are websites, business listings, paid advertising, conversion rate optimization, email marketing, reputation management, social media, search engine optimization, content marketing and analytics.

Learn more about an overview of digital marketing.

Digital marketing is an expansion of traditional marketing that uses Internet technologies to help your business reach its potential audience.  The main reason you need to use digital marketing in your home service business is because traditional marketing no longer has the reach it once did.  Ask your yourself.  Do you watch network television anymore or do your watch streaming services?  Do you save a show on a DVR and fast-forward through the commercials?  Do you even listen to the radio or rather listen to streaming music services?  Do you even get a newspaper or magazine anymore?  If you don’t, why do you think your potential customers do?  There is still some potential in using traditional marketing, but it isn’t the only marketing method for your local service business.

Learn more about why you need digital marketing.

Marketing has been around as long as people try to sell their products and services.  Digital marketing is an expansion of marketing using Internet technologies.  Traditional marketing was once the only method of doing marketing, but times have changed again.

Learn more about comparison with traditional marketing.

There are two types of digital marketing.  Inbound marketing is a marketing technique where customers are attracted to your marketing content and they are drawn to your marketing message.  Outbound marketing interrupts the experience of your potential customers to communicate your marketing message.  Inbound marketing can be thought of as permission marketing.  Outbound marketing can be thought of as interruption marketing.

Learn more about inbound versus outbound marketing.

The business cycle is a way to represent the processes in your HVAC, plumbing or roofing business.  The individual parts can be thought of as steps.  The steps are linked in a circle so the cycle is connected and never-ending.

Learn more about the business cycle.

Digital marketing is composed of a number of methods.  Each method can be accomplished in isolation.  However, if a number are combined, they can have a larger effect.  The greatest benefit to your business comes from doing them all.

Learn more about digital marketing methods.

Information technology (IT) is the use of computers to store data and information.  IT systems are in many aspects of digital marketing to either be the platforms like social media networks or places where you host your business website.

Read more about IT systems.




A marketing plan is a document or blueprint that outline the marketing and advertising efforts for your business.  It is a way for you to see at a glance what your marketing goals are, what are the steps and how you are going to accomplish them.  You could have a general framework for the entire business or a specific time period.  The marketing plan shouldn’t be static and you should be regularly updating it as business conditions change.

Learn more about why you need a marketing plan.

As part of our marketing plan, to need to research and identify your target market for your flooring, cabinetry or carpet installation business.  A target market is a particular group of consumers that your product or service is aimed towards.  This group is who you want to reach with your marketing message.

Learn more about a target market.

A buyer persona is a fictional representation of an ideal customer.  As part of your target audience, it is helpful to create one or more buyer personas to help when crafting your marketing message.   The buyer persona is based on the market research you did.  It includes demographic, geographic and psychographic traits.

Learn more about a buyer persona.

As part of your marketing plan for your door, mirror, tiling company, it is important to look at your competition.  This is helpful on two fronts.  First, it can help you understand what you are up against because they are your competition after all.  Second, it can give you ideas on areas you are lacking and areas where you have an advantage.  However, it is important not to just copy your competition because you will then just look the same.

Learn more about competition analysis.

A marketing strategy is the specific direction that will be taken with your marketing plan for your siding, gutter or garage door business.  Once you have your marketing goals and target market, you next develop the details.  These details include your unique selling proposition and the 7 Ps.

Learn more about a marketing strategy.

A marketing budget is part of your marketing plan for your shutter, stucco or window business.  The marketing budget shows all the costs associated with your marketing plan.  This includes cost for traditional and digital marketing expenses but also marketing staff and marketing software.

Learn more about a marketing budget.

As part of setting a SMART marketing goal, it is important to define measurements.  These are results of your marketing plan for your carpeting, wallpapering or blinds company that you can measure.  Marketing measurements are also called Key Performance Indicators (KPI).  KPIs help you determine how effective your marketing efforts are.  They can be high-level or low-level.  A KPI needs to take into account a desired outcome, how to measure progress, how to influence the outcome and when you will review the progress.

Learn more about marketing measurements.

Your marketing efforts need to focus on moving a potential customer through a series of stages.  These stages will have different digital marketing methods at each level for your masonry or waterproofing business.

Learn more about marketing stages.

A marketing message gives you a framework to talk to your potential customers for your lighting, insulation or water heater business.  It is important to have the right marketing message so that you can communicate effectively.  The three parts of a marketing message are problem, solution and offer.

Learn more about a marketing message.


Per Wikipedia, a brand is a name, term, design, symbol or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers.  So branding isn’t just one thing about your business, but it is many things combined together that is your brand.  A brand could be your logo and tagline.  But it can also be your unique selling proposition.  A brand is your promise to your customer.  Your brand is what people say about your business.

So, branding can both be a concept and a tangible thing like a logo.  Your home service company brand represents how people think of you and your business processes.

Learn more about what is branding.

A business name can take many forms.  Technically, it is a word or set of words that represents a business.  A business is a structure that provides products or services for a cost.   Your business name could just be your name.  But most people like to give their business a different name.  Though sometimes a business owner may incorporate their personal name as part of the business like “John’s Plumbing”.  From a legal sense, a business name is something governments use to refer to a business.

Learn more about a business name.

Graphic design is the creation of visual content for your kitchen, bath or home organization company.  This could be in the form of a business logo or other business documents like brochures or sales material.  Graphic design typically uses computer software like Adobe Photoshop or a website called Canva.  Graphic design can also apply to other things like the layout of a website or an email marketing campaign.

Learn more about graphic design.

After you have a business name, color is a very important part of branding your foundation repair or excavation services business.  Colors express different feelings to people.  There is an entire science into the effects of color theory.  But, for your home service business, the key is to think about color as part of your business startup and make it a deliberate choice.

Learn more about color.

What is a font?  A font is the style of text that are you reading these words in.  Common fonts are Arial or Times New Roman.  If you are going to write words on your pressure washing or window washing website, business card or sales brochure, you are going to need to pick a font.  There are two main styles of fonts that are “serif” and “sans serif”.  Serif fonts have small parts at the end of the strokes of the letters.  San Serif don’t.

Learn more about fonts.

A logo is a graphical symbol to represent your home cleaning or carpet cleaning business.  It is part of your business branding and part of your marketing plan.  Do you have to have a logo for your business?  No but most business have one and a unique thing that make a business different.  There is no standard for what a logo should look like.  It can be anything you want.

Learn more about a logo.

A tagline is a phrase or slogan for your home service business.  It is part of your branding efforts of your fire protection services or chimney sweeps marketing plan.  It is the first thing someone reads about your business assuming you position it prominently in your marketing materials.  A tagline provides clarity and emphasis about your business branding.

Learn more about a tagline.

Images could refer to any graphics that help communicate your marketing message.  They could be illustrations but are typical photographs.  Images help to communicate more information than just using words.  Images help your hot tub service or pool cleaner business because they can communicate things differently than writing out an explanation.  People are visual so images can help make connections in a different way.

Learn more about images.

Business cards are another part of running of a sauna installation or home automation business.  Technically, you don’t need business cards.  But business cards are a great form of marketing.  They show your contact information like phone number, email address and website.  Business cards provide an easy way to distribute your marketing message.  You can quickly and easily give them out to people who might have an interest in your products or services.

Learn more about business cards.

Marketing collateral is a term used to represent a collection of different things used to support the sales of your products or services.  It can include digital marketing efforts like your website but traditionally referred to physical media.  Some examples are sales brochures, flyers and door hangers for your water purification service business.

Learn more about marketing collateral.

home service web design


Websites are a great digital marketing method to communicate many things about your home service business. A website is completely under your control to display your business in the best way possible. There are a number of reasons why you want a website. A key is that a local service website is a digital storefront for your business which is always available to your potential and current customers.


A home service website is a place on the Internet where you can display your business using text, images, audio or video.  A website can be a single page of text or it can be an integrated combination of pages that display information in a visually compelling manner.  A local service website is the modern equivalent of a company brochure, sales letter, business card and many other things rolled into one.

Learn more about why you need a website.

A domain name is primarily related to your solar installation or fireplace services business website.   It is part of the address that people use to show your website.  To go to a website, you might type in into your web browser.  The “” is the domain name.

A domain name has two parts.  The hostname and the top-level domain name.  In our example, “companyname” is the hostname and “.com” is the top-level domain name.  There are many top-level domain names but the most common for businesses is “.com”.  The “com” is short of commercial.

There can only be one, unique hostname per top-level domain.  As we mentioned earlier about selecting a business name, finding an available domain name is part of the process.  So, you must find an available hostname and top-level domain name that matches your company branding.

Learn more about domain names.

Websites need to be built using a programming language called HTML.  HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language.  It originally was a way to add formatting to standard text to make it appear differently like bold or italic.  Website now have additional programming that allow other features using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and scripting languages like JavaScript.

The first websites were created in simple text files with HMTL tags added.  When the file was viewed in a web browser, the text was rendered with the different formatting.  As the years went on and websites became more complicated, software and systems were created to help build website.  Today, there are two main ways to build a website.  One way is a website builder service and the other is using a content management system.  There are other ways, but these are the best places for a home service business website.

Learn more about website types.

A website needs to be hosted on a computer that is permanently connected to the Internet.  The easiest way to do this is to pay a website hosting company to host your website.

Learn more about website hosting.

WordPress is the most popular content management system and an excellent platform to create a home service business website.  It was created for blogging but now can support any type of website.  It can be expanded with plugins and have its appearance changed by themes.

Learn more about WordPress.

After you install WordPress, there are a few configurations that are helpful.  By default, WordPress is set up to be a blog.  Some of these settings might not be ideal if you just want a website for your home inspection or home network installation business.

Learn more about WordPress configuration.

WordPress is composed of a number of areas for your damage restoration or home theater installation business website.  Some areas are for creating content to be displayed by WordPress.  Other areas are to make changes to WordPress.

Learn more about WordPress training.

By default, a WordPress website can send emails.  This is done for things like new user accounts or password resets.  You might also want to send emails from a contact page or a website form.  Unfortunately, these emails will be sent directly from your website to the email server of the email address to receive the email.  These emails look suspicious and are typically marked as spam or worse deleted immediately.  This process can be improved by adding a plugin to WordPress for your movers or home window tinting business.

Learn more about website email sending.

A website is a program that is hosted on a computer that is always connected to the Internet.  Like all computers and software, there is a chance someone could try to do something malicious in the form of a virus or malware.  But for an interior design or demolition services business website, someone might just try to take over your website software to use it to attack other things.  So, all websites need to be secure.

There are a couple of ways to protect your website.  The first is to let your website hosting company handle it.  The second is to install WordPress plugins to provide security.

The most important thing to help with the security of your WordPress website is to make sure you frequently update WordPress, themes and plugins.

Learn more about website security.

A home service business website is a collection of computer files and data in a database stored on a computer.  Like your personal files and pictures stored on your home computer, it is important to back them up.  Computers fail or you make mistakes and accidentally delete something.  A backup allows you to restore the electronic files.

Learn more about website backups.

Content is a term used to describe all the text, image, audio and video data you put on your locksmith and structural engineer business website.  Website content is the actual content but also the organization of content into an easy to understand structure.

Learn more about website content.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  This is the process to get your website to rank higher in the results given by search engines.  The reason this is important is people using search engines usually only click on the first results when searching for a topic.  Below, I will explain the different techniques to accomplish basic SEO on your landscape architect or roof inspector business website.

Learn more about basic website SEO.

Once you have your electrician or pressure washing business website running, it is available 24/7 each day.  Unfortunately, things can happen and your website won’t be “live”.  This could be because your website hosting company has an issue.  Or something automatic like an update goes wrong.  Rarely, your website could crash.  Unlike your personal computer, you don’t have any idea something is wrong with your website until someone like a customer reaches out to you.  This is why you should be proactive and monitor your website.

Learn more about website monitoring.

WordPress is constantly being developed to add new feature and improve security.  To get these new features, you need to update WordPress.  Additionally, WordPress theme and plugins are being improved by their developers and need to be updated.  Fortunately, WordPress can be updated easily for your HVAC and window washing business website.

Learn more about WordPress updates.

A home service business needs multiple forms of communication.  The two most common are a telephone number and an email address.  A telephone number can be a cell phone or a landline.  But you have many options for an email address for your landscaping and home cleaning business.

Learn more about email hosting.

There are many possible places to host your email account for your painting or carpet cleaning business.  Website hosting companies sometimes offer email hosting too.  But it is better to go with company that specializes in email hosting.  The two big players are Google with G-Suite and Microsoft with Office 365.  They also offer free, personal solutions in the form of Gmail and Outlook.

To get started, you sign up for an account and the process will ask a series of questions.  The hardest thing is setting up Internet Domain Name Server (DNS) records to link your business domain name to your email hosting account.  But the email hosting companies walk you through the steps and you only need to do it once.

Learn more about email hosting companies.

Email distribution groups are special accounts at an email hosting company.  They are also called email distribution lists.  Their purpose is to have a single email address that actually sends an email to multiple people.  This is how they are typically used in larger businesses.  But for a plumbing or home organization business, they can be used to provide multiple email addresses that all go to your email mailbox.

Learn more about email distribution groups.


Business lists are profiles about your company on specific websites. These profiles help with building awareness for company with search engines and mapping websites. They give your company more visibility if you have more listings. Business listings can make sure your company is displayed next to your competition.



Business listings are websites on the Internet that display your business details in categories.  These websites might also include reviews.  They are also called “citations”.  Business listings are similar to the telephone book Yellow Pages though not all require payment for placement.  Business listings allow you to have your roofing and excavation services business details displayed next to your competitors.  They provide an easy way for people to find your business information.  When reviews are present, they are a form of social proof.   Business listings may have an option to run as ads for higher placement in search results or have deal options so customers can buy.

Learn more about business listings.

For business listings, it is very important to standardize the data about your carpeting and fire protection services company.  This starts with NAP (name, address, phone).  But it should include all content that you put in a business listing profile.  You should use the same logo and tagline.  You should also standardize your company description, history and photos.

Learn more about standardize data.

Business listing profiles help raise awareness about your tree service and chimney sweeps business.  They show information about your business like contact information, business hours and services provided.  The first step to improve your business listings is to determine what websites already have your company listed.  This is accomplished with a business listing audit.

A business listing audit determines which websites list your company.  The audit can also look at your NAP (name, address, phone).  It can show if there is non-standardized data for your business name, address and phone.  This audit will show you if existing business listings that need to be updated and standardized.

Learn about a business listing audit.

The process to create a business listing account is similar across all the websites.  Sometimes an account is already created, and you need to claim the account as the business owner.  If you can’t find your deck and pool service business, there will be a way to create an account.

Learn more about creating business listing accounts.

Business listing aggregators are organizations that collect business details like name, address and phone number and then give that data to other sources.  These sources could be other business listing websites, business databases or mapping websites.

Learn more about business listing aggregators.

An important step for your fences and water purification services company is to create the business listings in the first place.   But there are a number of reasons why you should track them periodically in the future.

Learn more about business listing tracking.




Reputation management is how your company looks on the Internet based on reviews.  There are a number of websites on the Internet like Yelp and Angie’s List which show reviews for businesses.  Your gardener or solar installation business can develop a higher level of trust by having good reviews.  Review websites are also are a great way to interact and engage your customers.  They provide an opportunity to demonstrate to your potential customers that you have excellent customer service.  Finally, they provide a way to display your business information like business listings.

Learn more about what is reputation management.

In reputation management, a review is the primary thing to be managed for your irrigation or solar panel cleaning business.  A review is a customer’s feedback to a service or product left on a website.  Before the Internet, a person would ask a friend or colleague for their opinion.  With the Internet, people can leave written reviews about many different things.  Websites that sell things added review sections to their product and service web pages.  Additionally, dedicated websites that just had reviews were created like Yelp.

Learn more about reviews.

Reviews are the primary thing to be managed with reputation management.  However, the actual management is a type of customer service.  Review websites typically give a waterproofing or home automation company a chance to response to reviews.

Learn more about customer service via reviews.

Many review websites allow the company to create or claim their review profile.   Once verified, they have access to make change to the review profile like update company information and add additional information.  They can also then reply to reviews for your patio coverings or home energy auditor company.

Learn more about review profiles.

The first step is to determine if a company review profile already exists for your flooring or home network installation company.  This is done by searching for your business on the review website.  If there is a profile, there should be an option to claim the review profile.  Each review website is different on their claiming process, but it might involve using a company email address or waiting for a postcard to be mailed to the business address.

Learn more about creating review profiles.

It is important to monitor how your reviews are doing for your cabinetry or home theater installation company.  The best way to do this is to look at two metrics.  The first is your total review score.  This is typical something like 4.8 out of 5.  The second is the total number of reviews.  Both of these metrics should be tracked over time like once a week.  With this weekly data, you will be able to see how your total number of reviews is changing over time.  You will also be able to see how your total review score is changing over time.

Learn more about review tracking.

Review monitoring is the process where you regularly check different review websites for new reviews about your carpet installation or refinishing services company.  You should develop a system where you are checking and replying to any new reviews.  You should also be looking at the different statistics each review website provides.

Learn more about review monitoring.

Review solicitation is developing a system to ask for reviews.  Ideally, customers would just leave reviews for your countertop installation or fireplace services business.  Unfortunately, leaving a review does take time.  Additionally, some customers may be more motivated to leave a negative review.  So, asking all your customers for reviews helps balance negatives reviews and good reviews.

Learn more about review solicitation plan.


Home service referral websites are websites that specialize in displaying businesses the focus on the home service industry.  This includes electricians, flooring, gutter services, HVAC, landscaping, painters, plumbing, roofing and contractors.   These websites list companies by industry and show contact information along with reviews.  They may directly help with lead generation.

Learn more about home services referral websites.

There is a general process to create a home services referral website account.  First, they will have a sign-up process that requires an email address and password.  It is a good idea to use a dedicated email address for the signup process that isn’t your personal, business email address.

Learn more about creating home services referral website accounts.

Home services referral websites provide more data to help you understand potential and current gutter services or locksmiths’ customers.  Most of these websites provide some analytics to see how people are interacting with your accounts.

Learn more about home services referral website tracking.

It is important to monitor the home service referral websites that you have accounts on for your garage door or landscape architect business.  The primary reason is that questions about your services or requests for quotes may be left on your accounts.  Additionally, former customers may leave reviews which you should respond to.

Learn more about home services referral website monitoring.


Social media networks are communities of people sharing. It is a new way for you to communicate and humanize your business. You want to try to gain followers so you can share information about your business. Social media allows you to raise brand awareness and increase traffic to your website.



Social media is a new type of community created on the Internet.  Unlike email or a website, a social media network is an interactive medium where people post updates and then other people comment on the updates in different ways.  Social media networks are a way to communicate in different ways to different groups.  For a door sales or home window tinting business, social media networks are another way to reach potential and current customers.  They give you the opportunity to humanize your business by direct interactions.

Learn more about what is social media.

There are a number of social media networks that make sense for your drywall or security system business.  Each social media network has a different type of demographic and focus.  You will want to think about which social media network matches your customers.

Learn more about social media networks.

A social media strategy is important to help define your efforts on social media networks.  It starts first with determining your voice.  Next, you need to pick the social media networks where your customers are.  You also need to think about the images, text and hashtags to use.  Finally, you need to post regularly to raise awareness of your mirror or interior design business.

Learn more about social media strategy.

The general process to create a social media account is to signup on the social media network using an email address and password.  Since these are for your home service business, you might want to use a different email address then your business email address.  Many social networks will require a text message verification to your cell phone.

Learn more about creating social media accounts.

Social media is another source of information about how people interact with your lighting fixtures or home inspection business and the content it produces.  Social media content has it own, unique set of measurements.  It is important to understand what these measurements mean.

Learn more about social media tracking.

A content calendar is a list of future social media posts including date, time, title, content and image.  This allows you to plan ahead what content you want to post to your blinds or movers social media accounts.  It allows you to create different marketing messages.  You can also plan to link your content to things like holidays.  The biggest benefit of a content calendar is having plan for content and not just having to think up something every day.  Of course, you can post social media content if you have a new idea but at least you will have a consistent feed of content.

Learn more about social media content calendar.




Information Technology (IT), per Wikipedia, is the use of computers to store, retrieve, transit and manipulate data or information.  IT is usually used as a blanket term to mean all technology used in a shutters or handyman business.  Information technology allows for full data recording throughout business operations.

Learn more about IT projects.

A customer relationship management (CRM) solution can help your siding or roof inspector business.  A CRM is a database system to store data about the leads and sales process.  The basic components are accounts, contacts, opportunities, and activities.  The key is the different activities that are recorded on the accounts, contacts and opportunities.  The benefit is having a system for your leads and sales cycle processes.

Learn more about Customer Relationship Management.

A line-of-business system is an IT solution that helps with business operations.  It converts paper processes into a database solution to help streamline and improve business operations.  There are many types for businesses.  Home service businesses of all sizes can benefit from implementing a line-of-business solution.

Learn more about line of business system.


Paid advertising is paying to place your marketing message on different ad platforms like websites, search engines and social media networks. It is a way to directly market to your customer. The benefits are targeting and flexibly budgets. There are a number of types for your business.



Paid advertising is a term used for advertising on the Internet.  There are many different types of paid advertising.  Some is different from the content it is around alike a banner ad on a website.  Other paid advertising is a piece of content that might seem like other content like a sponsored post on Facebook or a promoted tweet on Twitter.  The key on how paid advertising is different is the placement of the content requires payment.

Learn more about paid advertising.

Google Search Ads are text ads that appear on the Google search engine results page.  When someone searches for a word or phrase in Google, the ads appear at the top before the actual results.  The reason these ads are effective is that they match the searcher’s intent.  For example, if someone is searching for the phrase “plumber near me”, they probably need a plumber so an ad for a local plumber would match their intent.

Learn more about Google Search Ads.

Google Display Ads are ads that are placed on websites that participate in something called Google Adsense.  Websites that are approved for the program add code to their website which allows Google to dynamically add ads to different areas of their websites.  They are paid a fee for this activity.

Learn more about Google Display Ads.

Facebook Ads are ads that appear on the Facebook social media network.  These ads can appear on different features of Facebook like the newsfeed, Stories and Messenger.  They can have different types like text, images and videos.

Learn more about Facebook Ads.

Besides Google and Facebook, there are other ad platforms.  Google and Facebook do show the bulk of the ads on the Internet.  But that doesn’t mean other ad platforms don’t have a place in your carpenter advertising strategy.

Learn more about other ad platforms.

It is important to develop an ad strategy as part of your insulation installation paid advertising efforts.  A strategy will help you determine what are your goals and how to accomplish them.

Learn more about creating ad strategy.

There is a step-by-step process to creating ad campaigns across the different ad platforms.

Learn more about creating ad campaigns.


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