What is review solicitation?

Review solicitation is developing a system to ask for reviews.  Ideally, customers would just leave reviews for your countertop installation or fireplace services business.  Unfortunately, leaving a review does take time.  Additionally, some customers may be more motivated to leave a negative review.  So, asking all your customers for reviews helps balance negatives reviews and good reviews.

Follow guidelines

It is important to follow the guidelines of the review websites on how to ask for reviews.  Their guidelines may be different and change so look for them on each review website.

Typically, review websites don’t want reviews that are done for compensation.

Ask customers

The simplest way to develop a review solicitation plan is just to ask your consumers to leave a review.  This could be done right after the service is performed.

But people are busy and may forget to leave a review.  This is where an email marketing plan can help.  If you obtain a customer’s email as part of the service, you can send them a follow-up email after the service asking to leave a review.

To help the review solicitation plan, most review websites have direct links to a place where a customer can leave a review specifically for your business.  You should include these direct links on your website and any email marketing you do.

Summary on review solicitation

Review solicitation is asking your countertop installation or fireplace services customers for reviews. You need to follow the guidelines for each review website. The first part of your review solicitation plan is to just ask your customers for reviews. But a better way is to develop an email marketing plan along with direct URLs to leave reviews on review websites.

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