Introduction to your marketing message

A marketing message gives you a framework to talk to your potential customers for your lighting, insulation or water heater business.  It is important to have the right marketing message so that you can communicate effectively.  The three parts of a marketing message are problem, solution and offer.

3 parts of your marketing message

The first part of your marketing message is stating the problem.  You need to state the problem your potential customer is having.  Your marketing message needs to be framed in the context of the customer’s problem.  They aren’t interested in your business or you.  They want their problem solved.

The second part of your marketing message is providing a solution.  You then need to explain how your product or service can solve their problem.  This should start with the benefits of your solution and then explain the features.  Your potential customers want to know how your solution will benefit them.

The third and final part of your marketing message is giving an offer.  Finally, you can explain your offer.  If you have addressed their problem and matched it with a solution, your offer will be their natural course of action.

Summary about your marketing message

A marketing message is composed of a problem, solution and offer.  It is important to remember that your potential customer is trying to solve their problem and you need to explain to them how you have a solution to their problem.  The solution is in the form of your offer, but you can’t start with the offer since they won’t be convinced it will solve their problem.  Your marketing message is part of your marketing plan for your lighting, insulation or water heater business.

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