General process

The general process to create a social media account is to signup on the social media network using an email address and password. Since these are for your home service business, you might want to use a different email address then your business email address. Many social networks will require a text message verification to your cell phone.

Most social media accounts allow you to use a username. This is what is displayed to others on the social media network. If possible, try to use the same username across all your business social media accounts. You can check for availability of username at

Once you have access to new social media accounts, you should configure a few common things. The first thing is to add your business logo as the social media icon. The next thing is to add a description. The social media networks have different limits to the length of this description. You should create a long and short description if possible.


Facebook allows the creation of a Facebook Page to display your business.  This is created from your personal Facebook account.  Facebook has a “real ID” system in that they don’t want you create more then one Facebook account.


Twitter doesn’t have a dedicated business account.  You just create a regular Twitter account for our business.


Instagram allows personal accounts to be converted to business accounts.  A business account can have a website link added to the account.  This also allows access to some analytics.


YouTube requires having a Google account to create a YouTube account.  This Google account can be based on a business email address and doesn’t have to be a Gmail account.  You won’t be able to get a business name for your YouTube channel until you have a certain number of subscribers.


Pinterest allows a personal account to be converted to a business account.  This gives you access to analytics.  You can also claim your business website.  This gives more analytic data.

Summary about creating social media accounts

Each social media network has a similar process to create an account.  These accounts can have logos and descriptions.  However, each social media account has different configurations for your grout services or damage restoration business.

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