Claim or create review profiles

The first step is to determine if a company review profile already exists for your flooring or home network installation company. This is done by searching for your business on the review website. If there is a profile, there should be an option to claim the review profile. Each review website is different on their claiming process, but it might involve using a company email address or waiting for a postcard to be mailed to the business address.

If your business doesn’t exist, you can then create a new account.

Once you claim or create a new review profile, you can add your business information. This should be the standardized data for your business name, address, phone, description, business hours and photos.


Yelp ( is one of the most popular review websites.  It is exclusively about reviews for different industries including home service businesses.  People are encouraged to create accounts and then review different companies.  They are called “yelpers”.

Creating a Yelp profile, it involves claiming or creating a profile directly on Yelp.

Google Reviews

Google Reviews are part of your Google My Business account.  You create your Google My Business account to show up better in a Google search result page and to show on Google Maps.  People can then leave reviews for your business or post photos from your business.

Facebook Reviews

Facebook Reviews are part of a Facebook Page.  You can setup a Facebook Page for many things including a business.  First, you must have a personal Facebook account.  Then, you can create a Facebook Page for your company.  Once the page is created, you can show a tab for reviews.

Home service websites

A number of home service websites offer the ability to leave a review for a company.  Some of these websites are:

  • Angie’s List
  • Home Advisor
  • Thumbtack
  • NextDoor


You claim or create review profiles on review websites so you can update company info and reply to reviews about your business.  Each review website is different but will help you with the steps to get access.  It is important to have access so you can reply to reviews and help with your reputation management for your flooring or home network installation company.

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