General home services referral website accounts creation process

There is a general process to create a home services referral website account.  First, they will have a sign-up process that requires an email address and password.  It is a good idea to use a dedicated email address for the signup process that isn’t your personal, business email address.

Once the account is created, you should configure the account to have all information fields filled out.  Here are some typical fields:

  • Logo – add a logo for your home service business.
  • Descriptions – add descriptions about your business which may include short descriptions, long descriptions and a history of our business.
  • Services – add your services and any details about your services.
  • Contact methods – add contact methods like phone number, email address, physical address and website.
  • Hours – add your hours of operation.

Home services referral websites

Here are the most popular home service referral websites that you should create accounts on.

Summary about creating home services referral website accounts

The process to create accounts on home service referrals websites follows a similar process.  It is important to create accounts for your home service business to increase the awareness of your wallpapering or house sitters business and be displayed next to your competition.

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