What are fonts?

What is a font?  A font is the style of text that are you reading these words in.  Common fonts are Arial or Times New Roman.  If you are going to write words on your pressure washing or window washing website, business card or sales brochure, you are going to need to pick a font.  There are two main styles of fonts that are “serif” and “sans serif”.  Serif fonts have small parts at the end of the strokes of the letters.  San Serif don’t.

Why fonts are needed in your home service business?

Much like a color for your business, you need to pick a font.  By default, any computer program that you use to type words will be in a font.  Also like a color, a font can evoke an emotion or style.  Again, picking a font can be done by a graphic designer but if you can’t afford that option when starting your business, just pick one.  You can always change your mind latter.

Websites to find fonts

There are fonts built-in programs that you might use to create your business documents like Microsoft Word, Google Docs or Adobe Photoshop.  You can start there.  If you want something unique, you can look at different websites.  There are too many to pick from.  One place to start is Adobe Fonts (https://fonts.adobe.com/).  Adobe is a big player in the graphic design software space.  They sell fonts which you can install on your computer, so they are available in graphic design software.  If you would rather get free fonts, Google (https://fonts.google.com/) is a great resource.

Summary on fonts

Fonts allow you to add a unique element to your text in your pressure washing or window washing business documents that you create for your marketing plan.  Unlike color, people might not recognize you are using a different font that the standard ones.  So, spend a little time at the beginning of your business startup thinking about fonts but eventually look to having a graphic designer help pick a font as part of your branding.

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