Why email distribution groups?

Email distribution groups are special accounts at an email hosting company. They are also called email distribution lists. Their purpose is to have a single email address that actually sends an email to multiple people. This is how they are typically used in larger businesses. But for a plumbing or home organization business, they can be used to provide multiple email addresses that all go to your email mailbox.

Typical accounts

Your business email mailbox will typically have your name in it.  But there are cases where you don’t want to give out your name.  This is where email distribution groups come in.  You can create them for different aspects of your business.  Here are some examples:

There are unlimited ideas.  The key benefit of using email distribution groups is the email all goes directly to your business email mailbox, so you only have to check one place.

Send on behalf

There is a special feature of email distribution groups.  It is the ability to “send-on-behalf” of the email distribution group.  This makes a reply email message appear to come from the email distribution group email address and not your business email address.

Summary on email distribution groups

Email distribution groups are a benefit of going with an email hosting company.  You can setup additional email addresses for your plumbing or home organization business but keep it simple and have all the email come to you.

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