Why you need a social media strategy?

A social media strategy is important to help define your efforts on social media networks. It starts first with determining your voice. Next, you need to pick the social media networks where your customers are. You also need to think about the images, text and hashtags to use. Finally, you need to post regularly to raise awareness of your mirror or interior design business.

Find voice

You need to determine a “voice” for your social media strategy.  Social media posts are a more direct way to talk directly to your potential and current customers.  You need to think about how you want this communication to sound.  Social media networks are typically people talking to each other whether family or friends.  You should define a way you want to communicate.

Pick social media networks

There are many social media networks to pick from.  You should post on the social media networks that match where you customers are.  You should also pick the social media networks that match the type of content you want to publish.


Social media networks cater to images as a way to communicate.  For your home service business, you need to think about what type of images can communicate your marketing message.


Social media networks do allow text but some only show a small amount of text.  You need to think about how to concisely make your marketing message with limited text.


Hashtags are a unique aspect of social media.  They are words or phrases that begin with the hashtag symbol “#”.  Many social media networks use hashtags as a search or grouping mechanism to show posts that use the same hashtags.  So, they are a discovery method.

Post regularly

The key social media strategy is to post regularly.  Social media networks show messages in a feed which is a chronological layout.  So, messages move to the bottom as they grow older.  So, it is important to always be posting current content.  Additionally, posting regularly shows your followers that you are trying to engage them on a regular basis.

One way to help post regularly is to create a calendar of future posts on the posting interval you select.  This gives you a chance to batch the creation of posts.  You can use the social media networks themselves to schedule future posts or tools to help in this process.

Summary about social media strategy

A social media strategy is about determining your voice and picking the social media networks you are going to post on.  The posts need to have images and text that matches this voice.  You should use hashtags to aid in discovery of your post.  Finally, you should post regular to constantly communicate with your mirror or interior design followers.

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