What is marketing collateral?

Marketing collateral is a term used to represent a collection of different things used to support the sales of your products or services.  It can include digital marketing efforts like your website but traditionally referred to physical media.  Some examples are sales brochures, flyers and door hangers for your water purification service business.

Sales brochure

A sales brochure is typical a color, multiple page marketing material that is used to sell your product or service.  It includes all information about your product or service like benefits and features.  A sales brochure may also give some information about your company.


A flyer is typically a single page marketing material that shows the major selling points about your product or service.  Flyers could be elaborate and color or they could be a simple creation that is printed out on an office printer or copy machine.  The key is they are easy to skim and cheap to produce to get your marketing message out.

Door hangers

Door hangers are a specific type of flyer that are great for door-to-door marketing efforts.  They are shaped to be hung on a front door handle to leave if no answers the door.

Summary about marketing collateral

Marketing collateral are part of your marketing plan to create physical media that you can share to communicate your marketing message with potential water purification service customers.  Even with digital marketing, you will probably interact with your customers in-person and it is good to have some type of physical marketing material to give to them.

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