Introduction to IT systems

Information technology (IT) is the use of computers to store data and information.  IT systems are in many aspects of digital marketing to either be the platforms like social media networks or places where you host your business website.

IT examples

There are a few IT systems that can help with your digital marketing efforts.  They are:

  • Email hosting – Email hosting allows to you to have professional email accounts for your business that match the domain name you use for your business website.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – A CRM can store contacts and companies that are leads for your business. These leads can move through your sales process.  Without a system to capture this information and process, you lose insight into your sales process.
  • Line-of-Business solution – A Line-of-Business solution stores your business process like work orders, invoices and payments. A solution handles appointments and customer data.  Without a system, you have no way to see and measure all the data about your business.

Summary of IT systems

IT systems form the infrastructure on which digital marketing systems run.  Though you don’t need to how all the technical details, it is important to remember that IT is needed to enable much of digital marketing in one form or another.

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