Why monitor a website?

Once you have your electrician or pressure washing business website running, it is available 24/7 each day.  Unfortunately, things can happen and your website won’t be “live”.  This could be because your website hosting company has an issue.  Or something automatic like an update goes wrong.  Rarely, your website could crash.  Unlike your personal computer, you don’t have any idea something is wrong with your website until someone like a customer reaches out to you.  This is why you should be proactive and monitor your website.


The most basic website monitoring is just to determine if your website is correcting sending files to a web browser.  This can be done using a “ping” command.   There many be cases where different states change on your website and can be monitored by looking for certain text on a website page.  More advanced website monitoring is to check that processes on your website are actually working like a checkout process for ecommerce.

A free website monitoring service is Uptime Robot (https://uptimerobot.com/).  It will check if your website is online and send you an email alert if not.  This is available with their free plan.  They also have a paid plan that checks more frequently and can alert you via text message.

A more robust website monitoring features are offered by Pingdom (https://www.pingdom.com/).   In addition to availability monitoring, you can monitor different transactions on your website.  It can also monitor the speed of your website.

Summary on website monitoring

Website monitoring gives you peace of mind that your electrician or pressure washing business website is online and available to your potential and current customers.  An unavailable website sends the wrong message to your customers.

Need website hosting?

WP Engine is a great WordPress-managed website hosting company for the following reasons:

  • WP Engine take care of all the installation and upgrading of WordPress.
  • WP Engine automatically backup WordPress daily.
  • WP Engine provide security and performance optimization for your website.