Benefits of a business listing audit

Business listing profiles help raise awareness about your tree service and chimney sweeps business. They show information about your business like contact information, business hours and services provided. The first step to improve your business listings is to determine what websites already have your company listed. This is accomplished with a business listing audit.

A business listing audit determines which websites list your company. The audit can also look at your NAP (name, address, phone). It can show if there is non-standardized data for your business name, address and phone. This audit will show you if existing business listings that need to be updated and standardized.

Websites to perform business listing audit

There are two ways to perform a business listing audit.  The first is to do a free audit.  BrightLocal is a local marketing software service that offers a free audit.  The audit is at   You start entering your business name and a possible list of business names appear.  If your company isn’t listed, you can enter your company details and then run a search.  The search will look at the top 15 websites for business listings.

If you want a more detailed audit, there are a couple of services that will perform that audit.

All three services will provide a report on your tree service and chimney sweeps business listings.

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