Why track reviews?

It is important to monitor how your reviews are doing for your cabinetry or home theater installation company. The best way to do this is to look at two metrics. The first is your total review score. This is typical something like 4.8 out of 5. The second is the total number of reviews. Both of these metrics should be tracked over time like once a week. With this weekly data, you will be able to see how your total number of reviews is changing over time. You will also be able to see how your total review score is changing over time.

How much incoming traffic

Another part of tracking your reviews is seeing if the review websites are bringing traffic to your website.  Most review profiles allow a website link to be included.  These review websites could be source for new leads for your business.

Review website internal metrics

In addition to total review score and total number of reviews, a review website might have other internal metrics.  You should be able to access these metrics via your review profile.  Some metrics that you might have access to are:

  • Views of your review profile
  • Number of times someone click on your website link
  • Number of times someone called your phone number
  • Whether your review profile was accessed via the review website or maybe a review app

Summary about review tracking

It is important to track your review metrics.  This will help you understand how your review profiles are impacting your cabinetry or home theater installation business.

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