Why email hosting?

A home service business needs multiple forms of communication.  The two most common are a telephone number and an email address.  A telephone number can be a cell phone or a landline.  But you have many options for an email address for your landscaping and home cleaning business.

Personal email account

The simplest email address for your home service business could be a personal email address.  But that won’t look very professional.  You could get a new email address from a free service like Gmail or Microsoft Outlook that used your business name in some form.  This is also easy but again not very professional sounding.  An email address of companyname@gmail.com isn’t the best branding opportunity.

Business email

The best solution is to setup a business email using the domain name you selected for your website. If you registered a domain name of companyname.com, you could setup an email with your first name like firstname@companyname.com. Or you could use a generic email address like sales@companyname.com. Business email addresses help with your branding because your company name is displayed. It also relates to your website in a logic way.

Summary about email hosting

Email hosting allows you to create a professional looking business email address.  It isn’t as easy as a free email service but worth the initial setup effort for your landscaping and home cleaning business.

Need website hosting?

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