What is a line-of-business system?

A line-of-business system is an IT solution that helps with business operations.  It converts paper processes into a database solution to help streamline and improve business operations.  There are many types for businesses.  Home service businesses of all sizes can benefit from implementing a line-of-business solution.

Work orders or appointments

A line-of-business system can help with work orders or appointments.  Many local service businesses provide services that are scheduled as appointments or work orders.  Instead of storing these on paper or a spreadsheet, a database system can improve the process.

Customer data

A line-of-business system can also store customer data.  This can link to the appointments or work orders in the database.  This can help with a number of things like contact information but also for email marketing purposes.


With the work orders and customer data, it is natural to have a line-of-business system help with creating invoices.


Finally, the line-of-business system can help with payments of the invoices.  This might be better done with a financial tool like QuickBooks but depending on the system, these can be integrated.

Summary about line-of-business systems

Line-of-business systems can help streamline and improve the business operations.  Work orders, customer data, invoices and payments can all be stored together in a database.  This improves business operations by streamlining and increasing effectiveness.

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