Introductions to social media networks

There are a number of social media networks that make sense for your drywall or security system business.  Each social media network has a different type of demographic and focus.  You will want to think about which social media network matches your customers.


Facebook is the largest social media and for this fact alone is a reason you want to have a presence on it.  Facebook allows the creation of Facebook Pages which can be for your home service business.  You can configure your Facebook Page with information about your business such as location and business description.  You can also add a link to your website for information.  Facebook allows your posts to have text, images and videos which make them very flexible.


Twitter allows for short text message that can have links.  You can also embed images or video.  Unfortunately, Twitter doesn’t have anything like a Facebook Page.


Instagram is primary a photo sharing social media network.  There are ways to show text in comments, but it is really about images.  There are ways to like and follow accounts but no ways to share content.  Additionally, posts can’t have links to other websites.

However, Instagram is really popular and great for a business that have compelling images to share to raise awareness.


LinkedIn is a social network for sharing between business professionals.  So, it has a different tone and content then other social media network.  It does allow for Company Pages to be created.

Summary about social media networks

There are many different types of social media networks. The key is to determine which social media network has your potential and current drywall or security system customers.

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