What are business listings?

Business listings are websites on the Internet that display your business details in categories.  These websites might also include reviews.  They are also called “citations”.  Business listings are similar to the telephone book Yellow Pages though not all require payment for placement.  Business listings allow you to have your roofing and excavation services business details displayed next to your competitors.  They provide an easy way for people to find your business information.  When reviews are present, they are a form of social proof.   Business listings may have an option to run as ads for higher placement in search results or have deal options so customers can buy.


NAP stands for Name, Address and Phone.  This is the critical information for each business listings.   The NAP for your business needs to be identical across all business listings that you have.

Search engines

Business listings help search engines by providing more references to your business information.  If they have consistent NAP data, search engines will know they all related to the same business.

Mapping websites

Business listings can take the form of profiles on mapping websites.  Mapping websites want accurate data on their maps.  You should claim or add your business to mapping websites so there are more business listings for your company.

More places on Internet to be found

Business listings provide more ways for your company to be found on the Internet.  Many people start looking for things using search engines.  But they may also start on a business website like Yellowpages.com, Foursquare or the Better Business Bureau.  The more business listings you have for your home service company the more chance your company will be found.

Display next to competition

Business listings also give you the potential to be found next to your competition.   Many business listing website list companies according to their industry or other category.  If you don’t have a business listing profile on that website, your company won’t be displayed.

Summary about business listings

Business lists are profiles about your roofing and excavation services company on specific websites.  These profiles help with building awareness for company with search engines and mapping websites.   They give your company more visibility if you have more listings.  Business listings can make sure your company is displayed next to your competition.

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