Why color is needed in your home service business

After you have a business name, color is a very important part of branding your foundation repair or excavation services business.  Colors express different feelings to people.  There is an entire science into the effects of color theory.  But, for your home service business, the key is to think about color as part of your business startup and make it a deliberate choice.

Color can evoke a meaning or effect on people.  Here are some examples.

  • Red – passion, anger
  • Organize – playfulness, vitality
  • Yellow – happiness, youth
  • Green – stability, growth
  • Purple – royalty, luxury
  • Pink – femininity, innocence
  • Brown – rugged, earthy
  • White – cleanliness, virtue
  • Gray – neutrality, serious
  • Black – powerful, edgy

In addition to a meaning that a color can bring to your business, color is also necessary.  You will need to create a logo and the graphic design will use a color.  That color will then be used for other graphic elements in your marketing plan like your website and sales brochure.

What is a color palette?

To get started picking a color for your business, you have a couple of options.  You might have a favorite color.  Or you can brainstorm a color that seems to fit your business or the idea of the branding you want your business to represent.  This is where a graphic designer can help.  Don’t let continuing to start your business get derailed by not having the right color.  You can always change your mind later or when you have some income to hire a professional.  The key is just to pick something.

Once you have your primary color for your business branding, the next step is to pick some related colors.  Within color theory, there are many colors that relate to your primary or “base” color.  These could be an “accent” color and a “neutral” color.  When you combine all of these colors, you have a color palette for your business.

Websites to determine a color palette

There are a number of websites that can generate a color palette from a base color.  One is Coolors (https://coolors.co/).  This is great for seeing a number of choices.  Another one is Adobe Color (https://color.adobe.com/create/color-wheel/).  This one is a little more advanced with more options.

Summary on color

The color you choose for your branding as part of your foundation repair or excavation services marketing plan will convene different emotions and meanings.  But, in the end, you just need a color to build graphic materials for your business.  It is best to hire a professional graphic designer to set you up with the right color ideas but you can just pick something to get started and refine it done the road.

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