Introduction to WordPress configuration

After you install WordPress, there are a few configurations that are helpful.  By default, WordPress is set up to be a blog.  Some of these settings might not be ideal if you just want a website for your home inspection or home network installation business.

Default WordPress setting changes

WordPress installs with a few sample contents.  I would suggest deleting these.  Here is a list:

  • Posts – delete the sample post
  • Pages – delete the sample page
  • Comment – delete the sample comment
  • Theme – delete all themes except the active one
  • Plugins – delete all plugins

Go to the Settings area and then the General area.

  • Update or erase the tagline
  • Change the time zone to where you live
  • Save changes

Go to the Settings area and then Discussion area.

  • Check the option labeled “users must be registered and logged in to comment” (Note: this will disable the commenting feature when you create a post on your website blog. Typically, this is a large source of unwanted content being added to your blog.)
  • Save changes

Go to the Setting area and then Permalinks area.

  • Check the option for “post name”. (Note: this will make your post URL more descriptive.)
  • Save changes

Summary about WordPress configuration

By default, WordPress has some settings that can be improved. These settings customize your WordPress installation to clean-up the default installation and make it better for your home inspection or home network installation business.

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