What is review monitoring?

Review monitoring is the process where you regularly check different review websites for new reviews about your carpet installation or refinishing services company. You should develop a system where you are checking and replying to any new reviews. You should also be looking at the different statistics each review website provides.

Respond promptly

A main reason to monitor for new reviews is so you can response promptly.  When a customer posts a review, a quick reply shows you are interested in providing good customer service.  It can also help diffuse any tension if the review is negative.

System to check for new reviews

You should develop a system to check for new reviews.  Some review websites will send you an email or text alert if you get a new review.  They may also send you a notification on their smartphone app.  But sometimes you must directly check the review website.  So, you should schedule a regular, perhaps daily, task to check the reviews websites where you have created or claimed review profiles.


There are services to help you monitor your reviews.  Here are some you can check out:


Review monitoring is the process of checking for new reviews of your carpet installation or refinishing services business.  You should reply to new reviews promptly.  Reviewing monitoring should be a regular task to check review websites.  A service that helps you monitor reviews might make sense.

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