What is paid advertising?

Paid advertising is a term used for advertising on the Internet.  There are many different types of paid advertising.  Some is different from the content it is around alike a banner ad on a website.  Other paid advertising is a piece of content that might seem like other content like a sponsored post on Facebook or a promoted tweet on Twitter.  The key on how paid advertising is different is the placement of the content requires payment.

Paid advertising is a way to directly reach your potential customers.  This is through targeting your potential customers based on data or interests that person may have given to the platform you are advertising on.   Paid advertising on a search engine can display your stucco or structural engineer website above all the organic or natural results.

Paid advertising can make money by having your ad appear in a more prominent placement on the platform you are advertising.  You are also target specific interests or demographic information which may mean the person is more receptive to your marketing message.  For some platforms, ad placement is determined by an auction so you can bid more than your competition.  Paid advertising does cost money but if you are tracking your return-in-investment (ROI) it can be a very effective way to make more money.


Targeting is a feature of paid adverting that allows you to have your paid ads show to specific audiences.  On the ad platform, you can target your ads to different demographics and interests.  This allows you to craft your advertising message to the people you are targeting.

Flexible budget

Paid advertising has the benefit of flexibility in budgeting.  You can adjust your overall budget per ad campaign.  The changes take effect immediately.  This is much different than traditional advertising which may be paid at the beginning of an advertising campaign and can’t be changed.  Additionally, you can change the ad spend for specific parts of each ad campaign depending on the ad platform.  This gives you a lot of control of your paid advertising.

Types of paid advertising

There are different types of paid advertising.  One type is Pay-Per-Click (PPC).  This type of paid advertising is you only pay when your ad is clicked on.  Another type is Display Ads.  Display ads are priced on the number of times the ad is shown.  This is called an impression.  Another type is Sponsored Posts.  These are typically on social media network where the ad appears to look just like the other posts on your feed.

Summary of paid advertising

Paid advertising is paying to place your marketing message on different ad platforms like websites, search engines and social media networks.  It is a way to directly market to your customer.  The benefits are targeting and flexibly budgets.  There are a number of types for your stucco or structural engineer business.

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