What are marketing measurements?

As part of setting a SMART marketing goal, it is important to define measurements.  These are results of your marketing plan for your carpeting, wallpapering or blinds company that you can measure.  Marketing measurements are also called Key Performance Indicators (KPI).  KPIs help you determine how effective your marketing efforts are.  They can be high-level or low-level.  A KPI needs to take into account a desired outcome, how to measure progress, how to influence the outcome and when you will review the progress.

Marketing measurement examples

There are a number of KPIs you could measure as part of your marketing plan.  Some examples are:

  • Web traffic sources – The places were the traffic to your home service business website comes from. This could be direct, social, advertising or referrals.
  • Website total visitors – The total number of visitors that look at your website.
  • Click through rates – The number of people that click on a paid ad or social media post and visit your local services website.
  • New lead generated – The number of leads created when someone fills out a form on your website.
  • Lead conversion rate – The number of people that become a lead compared to the total number of impressions to a specific marketing effort.

Summary about marketing measurements

Marketing measurements can take the form of Key Performance Indicators.  KPIs help show the results of your marketing plan for your carpeting, wallpapering or blinds company.

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