Introduction to website types

Websites need to be built using a programming language called HTML. HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. It originally was a way to add formatting to standard text to make it appear differently like bold or italic. Website now have additional programming that allow other features using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and scripting languages like JavaScript.

The first websites were created in simple text files with HMTL tags added. When the file was viewed in a web browser, the text was rendered with the different formatting. As the years went on and websites became more complicated, software and systems were created to help build website. Today, there are two main ways to build a website. One way is a website builder service and the other is using a content management system. There are other ways, but these are the best places for a home service business website.

Website builder service

A website builder service is a company that hosts your website for your solar panel cleaning or refinishing services business along with providing a system to make changes.   You pay a month fee for the website, configuration interface and technical support.  Some examples are:

Content Management System

A content management system (CMS) is a platform that allows you to install some software on a computer.  That software produces a website after you make configurations that you can then edit and make changes.   The CMS software is typically created by companies that sell the software or developed as part of an open-source community.  The CMS can have additional features added by plugins or extensions.

There are a number of content management systems available but the most popular one is WordPress (  WordPress runs a large number of websites on the Internet.  It started as a blogging platform but has since morphed into a flexible website platform.  It is free and can be altered by adding themes and plugins.

Pros and cons of website types

Website builders are best to quickly build a website because you just have to pay a company a monthly fee.  They setup all the behind-the-scenes configuration and provide an interface for making changes.  If you have issues, you can call technical support.

Websites builders have issues with flexibility.  They do offer the majority of things that a website needs but don’t offer complete freedom.  To have a website, you must continuing pay the monthly fee.

Content management systems are best if you want complete control of your website.  Most content management systems allow the ability to make any changes assuming you can program.  If you select WordPress, there are a large number of themes and plugins to handle almost anything you can imagine on your website.

Content management systems, like WordPress, do require more knowledge to setup and manage.  Though WordPress is free, you need to host it on a website hosting company.

Easiest way to start a website

If you want the easiest way to start a website, go with a website builder.  The process is very straightforward in that you pay for a plan and get a shell of a website up very quickly.  The website builder service handles things like domain names, backups and security.  To improve your branding, pay for a plan that removes any of the branding of the website builder.  It looks more professional.

Best long-term website

If you want the best long-term website solution, go with WordPress.  You will need to take more effort to setup the software necessary to get a shell of a website.  You will need to manage some backend things like backups and security for a WordPress website.  But you will be able to expand the website to handle anything you want as your website grows for your solar panel cleaning or refinishing services business.

Summary about website types

There are pros and cons between website builder services and content management systems. The choice will come down to how technically savvy you are or if you want to hire an outsourced website developer. The key is to pick one as you can change your mind later if you want to move from a website builder to WordPress.

Need website hosting?

WP Engine is a great WordPress-managed website hosting company for the following reasons:

  • WP Engine take care of all the installation and upgrading of WordPress.
  • WP Engine automatically backup WordPress daily.
  • WP Engine provide security and performance optimization for your website.