What is a logo?

A logo is a graphical symbol to represent your home cleaning or carpet cleaning business.  It is part of your business branding and part of your marketing plan.  Do you have to have a logo for your business?  No but most business have one and a unique thing that make a business different.  There is no standard for what a logo should look like.  It can be anything you want.

Ways to create a logo for your home service business

Since there is no standard for a logo, there is no exact way to create one.  A logo could be a hand sketch.  It could be a photograph of your business location or even of you the owner.  Traditionally, logos are graphical designs.  They can be created using graphical design software.  You can make a logo yourself or hire a graphic designer.

Services to get a logo made

There are a few services that can help create a logo for your home service business.  The first is Fiverr (https://www.fiverr.com/).  Fiverr is a website to find different freelance services.  One service is people who specializing in creating logos.  The prices can be very reasonable though don’t expect a lot for the price.  Another service is 99designs (https://99designs.com/).  For a fixed price, you can have a number of graphic designers create a logo for your business.  You select one and they get your money.

Summary on logos

A logo is another part of the branding effort that goes into your home cleaning or carpet cleaning marketing plan.  A logo is a representation of your business in symbol form.  Unlike a color or font, it is hard for most people to just make one up.  There are services to help to get one created to keep moving forwarding on your marketing plan.

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