What are business listing aggregators?

Business listing aggregators are organizations that collect business details like name, address and phone number and then give that data to other sources.  These sources could be other business listing websites, business databases or mapping websites.

Who are the aggregators?

There are four main aggregators.  They are:

  • Neustar Localeza
  • InfoUSA
  • Foursquare
  • Factual

How to get profiles

The aggregators don’t allow you to submit directly to them.  They allow access through aggregator services who will submit your information.  These companies are:


Since the aggregator services just add your data, there isn’t much different between the services besides cost.  For this reason, I recommend BrightLocal.

Summary about business listing aggregators

Business listings aggregators are another way to get your concrete and sauna services business information listed on different Internet sources.  There is a yearly cost but still a great way to raise awareness of your business.

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