What is a content calendar?

A content calendar is a list of future social media posts including date, time, title, content and image.  This allows you to plan ahead what content you want to post to your blinds or movers social media accounts.  It allows you to create different marketing messages.  You can also plan to link your content to things like holidays.  The biggest benefit of a content calendar is having plan for content and not just having to think up something every day.  Of course, you can post social media content if you have a new idea but at least you will have a consistent feed of content.

Determine frequency

You need to think about the frequency of your social media posting.  There is no exact frequency and really depends on your business, your industry and your followers.  Some business should post a few times daily while other businesses can post weekly.  Posting longer then weekly might cause your followers to not stay engaged though.

Batch content

A content calendar also allows you to batch the content.  This helps in the creation because you can work on the content as a whole and not just before you want to post something.  Additionally, you can use tools to help you upload the content at a single time to save time.


There are a number of tools that can help with upload batch social media content.  A couple are:

Summary of a content calendar

A content calendar for your social media accounts help you to create a coordinate social media effort. You need to determine the frequency of your blinds or mover’s social media posts. Batching the content helps to see all the content at a glance and saving time on the creation.

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