What is website content?

Content is a term used to describe all the text, image, audio and video data you put on your locksmith and structural engineer business website. Website content is the actual content but also the organization of content into an easy to understand structure.

Website architecture

Website architecture is an information science term about the way that your website is structured to help your visitors easily find and retrieve the data and information on your website.  For a typical home service business website, the key concept related to website architecture is to just think about how a visitor will interact with your website.  The design of your website should be for your potential customers, not you.


Related to website architecture, the navigation of your website is critical to think about at the beginning.  Navigation is visually represented by the different menus you have on your home service website.  There is typically a main navigation menu that highlighting the main parts of your website.  But you could have secondary menus for different parts of your website.


The layout is the appearance of your website. This is where your menus are placed and if you have header and footer areas. The layout also addresses how the main content is displayed on your website. The WordPress theme you select will greatly impact your website layout but should allow some choice to change the appearance.


Pages are WordPress elements where more static website content is displayed.  This content doesn’t change much.  Examples are your home page, about page and contact page.


Posts are WordPress elements that typically relate to the blog part of your WordPress website.  They allow the adding of new content in a chronological order.  Posts can also be grouped into categories and linked to common tags to create different groupings.

Text, images, audio, video

The fundamental parts of your website content will be the actual content.  Content can be broken into four types of text, images, audio and video.   These content types can be combined on pages and posts to communicate information.

Typical pages

A website can have as many pages as you want.  But it is important to have a few typical website pages that people expect on a home service website.  They are:

  • Home page
  • About page
  • Services page
  • Portfolio or Past Work page
  • Contact page
  • Privacy page

Summary about website content

Website content is the information and organization of the parts of your locksmith and structural engineer business website.  This include the structure, navigation and layout.  The actual content is then placed in this structure to present the information to your website visitor.

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