Why standardize data?

For business listings, it is very important to standardize the data about your carpeting and fire protection services company. This starts with NAP (name, address, phone). But it should include all content that you put in a business listing profile. You should use the same logo and tagline. You should also standardize your company description, history and photos.

NAP (Name, Address, Phone)

NAP is one of the most important data to standardize in your business listings.  Your business name should be straightforward but be careful of things like hyphens and capitalization.  For your address, make sure to use the appropriate abbreviations from the United State Postal Service.

Company description

Your company description for your business listing profile should include a few things.  First, at the beginning, summary the services your company provides.  This could include your tagline.  Then, explain more about your business including your unique selling proposition.  Finally, wrap up you company description with any additional details about your company.  Be sure to include any important keywords in your company description because they might be picked up by search engines.

Company history

Your company history should be similar to information you provide on the about page of your home service website.  It should tell the story of your company so potential customers can relate to your company.

Company photos

Company photos typically can be added to business listings.  They give you a chance to show more about your company.  This could include your location and maybe your work vehicles.  It can show you performing the services you provide.

Summary about standardizing data

Standardizing your company data helps to make all your business listings have the same marketing message and branding.  This shows a consistent message when potential customers are researching your company before reaching out to you.  You should standardize the name, address, phone, description, history and photos about your carpeting and fire protection services company.

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