What is reputation management?

Reputation management is how your company looks on the Internet based on reviews. There are a number of websites on the Internet like Yelp and Angie’s List which show reviews for businesses. Your gardener or solar installation business can develop a higher level of trust by having good reviews. Review websites are also are a great way to interact and engage your customers. They provide an opportunity to demonstrate to your potential customers that you have excellent customer service. Finally, they provide a way to display your business information like business listings.

Good reviews

Good reviews are the goal of reputation management.  A good review from a customer shows potential customers why they should work with your company.  These are typically 4 or 5 stars in a ranking system.

Bad reviews

Bad reviews show where your company could improve.   Your customers are expressing their concern or frustration with the service they received.  Reputation management is the process where you reply to the customers and try to address their issues.

Number of reviews

The number of reviews also provides a sign into your reputation.  A company with a few reviews appears to not be that successful.  A large number of reviews shows a busy company.  Reputation management helps to increase the number of reviews for your company.

Display next to competition

Reviews are finally a way to be shown next to your competition.  The ranking systems most review websites use allows people to judge your company compared to your competitors.

Summary about reputation management

Reputation management is managing how your company looks on review websites.  It helps you to obtain good reviews and work to improve bad reviews.  Your reputation is a trust factor that people have with your gardener or solar installation company.

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