Introduction to target market

As part of our marketing plan, to need to research and identify your target market for your flooring, cabinetry or carpet installation business.  A target market is a particular group of consumers that your product or service is aimed towards.  This group is who you want to reach with your marketing message.

Industry research

The first step is to think about what industry you are selling into.  This won’t apply if you are marketing to consumers but is important if you are targeting other businesses.  The industry the business is in will help identify the target market.

Market research

Market research is the process to identify characteristics of your target market.  One aspect is demographics.  This could be age, gender, income, occupation or job title.  Another aspect is geographical.  This could be city, state, country or neighborhood.  A final aspect is psychographic.  This could be attitudes, interests, beliefs, groups or organizations.

Target audience

Industry and marketing research will help you determine your target audience.  Along with the additional steps of creating a buyer persona and competition analysis, your target audience is the people or businesses within your target market.

Summary of target market

It is important to identify your target market as part of your marketing plan for your flooring, cabinetry or carpet installation business.  By doing research into the industries and markets you are aiming at, you will gain insight into the people and businesses in your target audience.  These will help with your marketing efforts by knowing your customers.

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