What are Google Display Ads?

Google Display Ads are ads that are placed on websites that participate in something called Google Adsense.  Websites that are approved for the program add code to their website which allows Google to dynamically add ads to different areas of their websites.  They are paid a fee for this activity.

The benefit to you is that you can have your ads shown on a larger number of websites.  You only have to work directly with Google and not each website.

A display ad is a graphic that can have pictures or words.  They are sometimes called “banner ads”.

Ad formats

There are two primary types of Google Display Ads.  The traditional one is an ad that is a specific dimension.  These ads are created as graphic files and uploaded into your account.

A newer type is available that is called a Responsive Display Ad.  This ad contains ad text, images and your logo.  Google combines these elements into different ad sizes depending on where the ad will be displayed.


There are a number of options to target your display ads.  These are:

  • Audiences
  • Demographics
  • Topics

You can also set expansion options which lets your ad be displayed to similar targets.


There are a number of placement options.  They are:

  • Devices
  • Content exclusions
  • Specific websites
  • Digital content labels
  • Sensitive content
  • Content types

You can also exclude your ads from specific websites, apps or YouTube channels.

Summary about Google Display Ads

Google Display Ads are graphical ads that show on websites. There are two formats. You can set targeting and placement options. Google Display Ads are great to raise awareness of your contractor or window installation business.

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