Why track social media?

Social media is another source of information about how people interact with your lighting fixtures or home inspection business and the content it produces.  Social media content has it own, unique set of measurements.  It is important to understand what these measurements mean.

Find specific metrics

The first measurement for social media is impressions.  An impression is whether someone sees your social media content.  It doesn’t show a lot since there is no engagement with your content.

The next measurement is a “like”.  This shows if someone took the effort to click a “like” button.  It basically is what it sounds like.  Someone liked your social media content.

Followers are people who click a button which causes future content to automatically been shown to them.  This is a good measurement to track since it means your content is gaining a following.

Shares are the next useful measurement.  It means someone has decided to share your content with that person’s social network.  It means your content is getting more exposure independent of our efforts.

The final measurement and most critical is clicks which cause someone to visit your website.  Typically, the goal of most business’ social media content is to try to get a conversion in the form of a lead or sale.  There aren’t mechanisms on social media accounts to accomplish your marketing goals that your website can do.

Summary about tracking social media

It is important to track your social media for your lighting fixtures or home inspection business. This helps to determine how effective your social media content is in the different forms of engagement on social media networks.

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