Introduction to other ad platforms

Besides Google and Facebook, there are other ad platforms.  Google and Facebook do show the bulk of the ads on the Internet.  But that doesn’t mean other ad platforms don’t have a place in your carpenter advertising strategy.


Yelp is a review website.  It has a few advertising options.  You can pay to be placed higher in its search results for your industry.  You can also pay to have competitor ads removed from your profile.

Angie’s List

Angie’s List is both a review website and a home service referral website.  You can pay to have a more prominent profile listing on its search results.

Social media

Besides Facebook, other social media networks have paid placement options like Twitter and Instagram.

Remarketing ads

Remarketing ads are a special type of display ads.  They are shown on other websites like display ads but appear because the visitor went to your website first.

Video ads

Video ads can be shown in different placements as part of YouTube.

Summary about other ad platforms

There are other ad platforms that you can advertising on to get our carpenter marketing message out.

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