Introduction to marketing stages

Your marketing efforts need to focus on moving a potential customer through a series of stages.  These stages will have different digital marketing methods at each level for your masonry or waterproofing business.

3 marketing stages

The first marketing stage is awareness.  This is the stage where you try to make a potential customer aware of your product or services.  The marketing methods you could use are your website, business listings, social media, reviews or paid advertising.  At this stage, you need to present the benefits and features of your product or service to explain how you can solve their problem.

The second marketing stage is leads.  Leads are the process of obtaining information on a prospective customer.  This usually means they have taken action to reach out to your company.  This could be a phone call, sending an email or interacting with a form on your website.  The key is they have taken interest in what you are selling and willing to start a conversation.  The information you collect could be a little or a lot.  But you need to collect some data from them to be a lead.  The most basic information to collect is contact information in the form of a phone number, email address or social media username.  This information will allow you to reply about the interest they expressed.

The third and final marketing stage is sales.  Sales is the process of converting a lead into a paying customer.  Once you have a lead, you can nurture that lead by explaining your products or services.  Part of this process is recording which stage in your sales process a lead is.  A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system can help with this by providing a solution where you can record all your activity with a contact and what stage of your sales process they are in.  It is important to have a sales process so that your sale efforts can be same.  The biggest benefit of a sales process is you can analyze the process and determine ways to make improvements and identify problems.

Summary about marketing stages

Your marketing effort will contain 3 stages.  The stages of awareness, leads and sales move a potential customer through your marketing plan for your masonry or waterproofing business.

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