Introduction to a buyer persona

A buyer persona is a fictional representation of an ideal customer for your countertop, drywall or grout business.  As part of your target audience, it is helpful to create one or more buyer personas to help when crafting your marketing message.   The buyer persona is based on the market research you did.  It includes demographic, geographic and psychographic traits.

Building a buyer persona

From your market research, you should have some data on the traits of your target audience for your marketing plan.   You should look for the common elements and patterns.  Once you have the data organized, you can start to create the actual personas.

Your buyer persona can be organized by the common questions like who, what, why and how.  The details can be added in this outline:

  • Who
    • Background
    • Demographics
    • Identifiers
  • What
    • Goals
    • Challenges
    • What can we do?
  • Why
    • Real quotes
    • Common objections
  • How
    • Marketing messaging
    • Elevator pitch

It is also helpful to give the buyer persona a fake name and a stock image.

Summary about a buyer persona

A buyer persona is a useful technique to help with your target market as part of your marketing plan for your countertop, drywall or grout business.  A buyer persona is a fictionalized, general representation of your ideal client.

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