Why monitor home service referral website?

It is important to monitor the home service referral websites that you have accounts on for your garage door or landscape architect business.  The primary reason is that questions about your services or requests for quotes may be left on your accounts.  Additionally, former customers may leave reviews which you should respond to.

Respond promptly

The key is to respond promptly to any questions or quotes.  Much like if someone called your business, people are looking for a prompt reply to their inquiry.

Which referral website is effective?

It is important to monitor to determine which referral website is bringing your more leads and sales.

Summary of monitoring home service referral website

You should monitor any accounts you have on referral websites to first look for any inquires.  Additionally, you should monitor for any reviews left.  Home service referral website offer a great opportunity to raise the awareness of your company and get more leads for your garage door or landscape architect business.

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