Introduction to ad strategy

It is important to develop an ad strategy as part of your insulation installation paid advertising efforts. A strategy will help you determine what are your goals and how to accomplish them.

Determine ad platform

The first step is to determine which ad platform or platforms make the best sense for your business.  You need to think about the people who use each ad platform.  You need to think about if your business will resonate with them.  For example, Instagram is primarily about sharing images.  If your business doesn’t have compelling images to share, Instagram wouldn’t be a good ad platform.

Keyword research

Many of the ad platforms use some type of keyword targeting.  So, you need to research which are the best keywords for your business and industry.  You also need to think about words that match different phases of your customers’ buying journey.  They may be in a research phase or they may be in a purchasing phase.  The keywords will be different.

Ad text

Your ad text is important because this is how you communicate your marketing message through your ad.  The words you use need to talk to someone viewing your ad and explain what will happen if they click your ad.

Images and videos

Images and videos can also communicate your marketing message.  Sometimes this will because the image explains your products or services.  Other times, the image or video will be the thing that gets a person to stop and look at your ad.

Landing pages

The landing page is the what is display after your ad is clicked.  It needs to explain the benefits and features of your service or product.  The landing page needs to have a clear call-to-action.

Summary about ad strategy

Your insulation installation paid advertising efforts need to start with an ad strategy.  The ad strategy will help you determine which ad platforms to use and what keywords to target.  The strategy will lay out the ad text, images and videos you will use in your ads.  Finally, the strategy will show how the landing page integrates with all of the other elements.

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