What is a review?

In reputation management, a review is the primary thing to be managed for your irrigation or solar panel cleaning business. A review is a customer’s feedback to a service or product left on a website. Before the Internet, a person would ask a friend or colleague for their opinion. With the Internet, people can leave written reviews about many different things. Websites that sell things added review sections to their product and service web pages. Additionally, dedicated websites that just had reviews were created like Yelp.


The key content of a review is the feedback.  This is written text that a reviewer leaves about a product or service.  Typically, the review mechanism allows any text to be written as part of the review.  More recently, reviews are starting to incorporate images and sometimes videos.

The feedback can have a specific slant.  The feedback can be bad, neutral or good.

Ranking systems

One mechanism a review has in a ranking system.  Though there are no standard ranking systems, most review systems seem to go with a 1 to 5 point system.  It is also typically shown using the symbol of a “star”.   The total number of reviews are averaged to give a total ranking as part of the review account.

Summary about reviews

Reviews are part of reputation management.  A product or service review is mainly composed of the feedback given.  Part of this feedback is a ranking system typically of a certain number of stars about your irrigation or solar panel cleaning business.

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