Why images help your home service business

Images could refer to any graphics that help communicate your marketing message.  They could be illustrations but are typical photographs.  Images help to communicate more information than just using words.  Images help your hot tub service or pool cleaner business because they can communicate things differently than writing out an explanation.  People are visual so images can help make connections in a different way.

Stock photos

The easiest way to get a photograph for your marketing efforts is to purchase images.  This could be by hiring a professional photographer.   A photographer can provide great images about your actual products and services.  But, sometimes, you just need a representative image to convey a marketing message.  This is where “stock photos” come in.  These are photography images that can be purchased and licensed for specific uses.  Once purchased, you can use them in your marketing efforts.

There are a number of services that provide stock photos.  Some paid examples are Shutterstock and Adobe Stock.  Some free examples are Unsplash (https://unsplash.com/) and Pixabay (https://pixabay.com/).  We recommend Envato Elements (https://elements.envato.com/).

Take photos yourself

Another option for images is to take them yourself.  Most people have a great camera in their smartphone.  Though you aren’t trained to be a photographer, the images you take about your business are real and show the human side.  People are also used to seeing this type of images due to social networks.  There are some photos which you should hire a photographer but many images you can take yourself.

Summary of images

Images provide another way to communicate information as part of your hot tub service or pool cleaner marketing plan.  You can purchase them as stock photos or take them yourself.

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