What is a CRM?

A customer relationship management (CRM) solution can help your siding or roof inspector business.  A CRM is a database system to store data about the leads and sales process.  The basic components are accounts, contacts, opportunities, and activities.  The key is the different activities that are recorded on the accounts, contacts and opportunities.  The benefit is having a system for your leads and sales cycle processes.

There are some businesses that going through the extra effort to record the data doesn’t make sense.  But any home service business that requires estimates and follow-ups could definitely benefit from a CRM.

Sales opportunities

The main benefit of a CRM is organizing all the sales opportunities for your local service business.  Instead of remembering a voice mail or an email, all your business sales opportunities are in one system.  The system can integrate with your telephone and email along with any incoming leads methods like a form on your website.

Once the basic information about the lead is entered, the CRM can help move the potential customer through your sales cycle.  Along the sales cycle, all information about the activities are recorded.

Record of sales efforts

Another benefit of a CRM is recording all of your sales efforts.  This is the number of sales efforts won and lost.  If lost, it is recording why.

Analytics of sales efforts

The final benefit of a CRM is having analytics of your sale efforts.  Since the CRM was tracking all of the data about your leads and sales cycle, the CRM can be used to run reports and see dashboards about the sales efforts.  This can show at a glance what is working about your sales cycle and what needs improvements.

Summary about using a CRM

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can help your siding or roof inspector business.  It provides a database to store all the data related to your leads and sales efforts.  You can then look at this information and improves your processes.

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