Introduction to customer service via reviews

Reviews are the primary thing to be managed with reputation management. However, the actual management is a type of customer service. Review websites typically give a waterproofing or home automation company a chance to response to reviews.

Responding to bad reviews

Bad reviews are the reviews that need to be responded to. But you need to keep in mind the impersonal nature of the Internet before you respond. People will say things in a review that they would never say to you in person. Their feedback probably does represent their true feelings, but they might not use the right words or would have other physical clues if discussed in person. So, take everything with a grain of salt in Internet reviews. Don’t take them personally.

You show you are engaged with your customers by responding to reviews. You should try to fix the issue that is brought up in the bad review. If you can’t resolve the issue, you should explain why. This helps because other people researching your company may see the bad reviews but will also see your reply.

Responding to good reviews

Fake reviews are part of the review systems on websites.  Review websites try to put in mechanisms to reduce the number of fake reviews.  Fake reviews could be posted by competitors to try to decrease your overall review score.  They could also be posted by the company to try to artificially increase the overall score.  If you suspect a fake review, the review website should have a mechanism to report the suspicious review.

Additionally, any review the violates the terms of service for the review website or is off topic can be reported to be removed.

Summary about customer service via reviews

Reviews provide a way to continue providing customer service after the sale of a service or product.  If you receive a bad review, you can reply to try to resolve the issue or at least give your side of the story.  If a good review, you can reply to interact with your customers and say thanks.  Reputation management involves managing your reviews left on the Internet for your waterproofing or home automation company.

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