All the digital marketing in the world won’t help if your customer service is poor.  You need to provide good customer service in your flooring business.  The customer isn’t always right but they still are the customer.  If they have an issue with your product or service, work to try to resolve their issue.  If that can’t be done, offer a refund.  Sure, you lose money but there are ways that customer can cost you more in the end.

One of those ways is online reviews.  If a customer had a bad experience, they will be motivated to leave a poor review.  You might be able to get them to update their review if you fix their issue. But providing good customer service at the beginning eliminates this.

One way to determine if you gave good customer service is to ask.  This could be an email sent automatically a short time after the service was completed or the product arrived.  They might not reply if they had good service.  But you give them the opportunity to reply if they are dissatisfied.  You gave your contact information so they don’t have to look for it.

Digital marketing for your flooring business can provide some tools to help with customer service but the service needs to be good in the first place.