In order to be a carpeting business, your business needs to have sales.  The best form of marketing is referrals.  These are when people contact your business because one of your current clients recommended to them your business.  A referral already touch on the trust factor since the potential client trusts the person making the referral.  They are provide a testimonial of their service because they would satisfied enough to make the recommendation.  They might even know a price point from the previous transaction.  So, a number of factors of the sales process have been meet.

But, what if you aren’t getting enough referrals?  Then you need to deploy marketing and in this day and age, digital marketing.  Digital marketing is marketing method that have a digital component and typically use the Internet.  Traditional marketing methods are TV, radio, billboards and magazines.  They methods still do work but your target audience is less likely to be interacting with these medium.  They are probably on the Internet in the form of looking at websites, watching videos on YouTube or using a number of different apps.   Digital marketing is the different methods of presenting your marketing message on this digital platforms.

Digital marketing can help your carpeting small business by displaying your marketing message where your potential customers are.