A Facebook Page is a presence on the Facebook platform for your business.  It is different than your personal account on Facebook that can have its own followers and interactions without you have to friend someone.

A Facebook Page allows to make connections using the concept of followers.  These are people who like your Facebook Page and will receive updates that you post on your Facebook Page.  These updates are similar to updates you make on your personal Facebook account that can be text, images or videos.  You can also interact with other Facebook Pages as your Facebook Page so you don’t have to show your personal information.

A Facebook Page can also have business specific features.  One is reviews.  A Facebook Page allows for people to leave reviews of your business similar to Yelp or Google.  Another is events.  You can schedule different upcoming events that people can join.  These could be in-person or virtual on your Facebook Page.  A Facebook Page also allows you to message with people as your Facebook Page.

A Facebook Page has some advanced features.  One is the ability to look at analytics about who is visiting and interacting with your Facebook Page.  Another is the ability to scheduling posts to be visible in the future.  Finally, a Facebook Page is needed for many types of advertising on the Facebook platform.

How to create a Facebook Page transcript

What is a Facebook Page?

I talked about how to create a Facebook page, let’s discuss what is a Facebook page. a Facebook page is basically a special place on Facebook for your business presence. So typically you log in and create an account on Facebook as you so as a person, they use, you know, this concept kind of Real ID to be who you say you are. But people after that part of Facebook wanted to have other places either to put their business or other community things or whatever. So Facebook created this concept of a Facebook page.

So it’s another part of Facebook, you manage it from your Facebook account, your personal account. And it allows you to then configure a page which has different information, it could have all the information, again, we’ll focus on business pages, but your address, your phone number, your website, your email, your hours of operation, you can put all that information there on your about part, you can put pictures, you could add videos, and the Facebook page kind of acts like your Facebook, personal account in the sense that it has a feed. So you can put posts and again, those posts can be the same as your personal. They can be texts, they can be paid images, videos, things like that. So in that sense, it acts pretty much the same way.

Connect with followers

One of the good things about having a Facebook page is you can actually connect directly with people who want to follow you so much like you have friends on your personal Facebook account, you can have followers who like your page and want to receive updates for that. You can then in turn share updates with them through posts, but they again show up on your Facebook page.

Interact as Facebook Page

And if you choose to, you can actually interact with other things on Facebook as your page. So in one sense, you can be kind of hidden behind your Facebook page, people actually don’t have to know who you are because you can interact as your page, you can post as your business page account. And and that.


For a business, a Facebook page actually has a few other interesting features. One is the ability for reviews to occur. So Facebook has developed a system where people can then review your business so much like a Yelp account or an Angie’s List. So as people are looking for different things on the Facebook platform, you’ll actually be able to see reviews of that business.


They also have the ability to message so much like again, the traditional, or the typical personal Facebook account has the ability to message between two people, you can actually have people send a message to your page, and you can reply back as the page.


And then another interesting one is events. If that applies to your business, you can actually have events there where then people can sign up for and then they’ll get notifications within their Facebook that the events upcoming.

Schedule posts

Some of the other benefits of Facebook page is you can actually schedule your posts, so you don’t have to actually go directly on and hit now you can actually create a post and then schedule it for a future time. So this works very good for batching up your different content you want to put on your Facebook page.


The Facebook page also does allow a lot of analytics, so you can see how people are interacting with your page.


And if you choose to want to do Facebook ads, a Facebook page is one of those things you kind of need mean somebody clicks on it, then they’ll sorry clicks on the ad, they’ll go to your Facebook page, the icon that shows up for your ad is your Facebook page icon. So it’s really one of the necessities if you’re going to do pages. Another form of advertising on Facebook is to boost a post, which means to extend its reach of that post. So again, your post on your Facebook page.

Demonstration about how to create a Facebook Page

So let’s do a demo on creating a Facebook page. First, you must log into Facebook. So you have to have a Facebook account. And then I’ll go through and show you steps on how to actually create the page. Okay, let’s get started. I’ll walk you through how to set up your Facebook page. There number of different ways to do it, especially if you’re already inside your Facebook account. But I kind of wanted to show you kind of from the outside if you were just starting. So Facebook’s actually set up pretty easy URL to go through which is facebook.com slash pages slash create. So we’ll go ahead and enter that page. If you haven’t been set up inside of Facebook, you will then be prompted to login. But I just kind of wanted to show you that they really kind of have two different types.

Facebook Page types

In this case a business which is what we’ll go through could be a brand or there are these communities or public figures. So anyways, we’ll go ahead and get started on the business one.  And then again, it’s going to want you to prompt you to log in to your Facebook page. So go ahead and log in to your Facebook page. If you don’t have one, of course, you need to create a Facebook page, you must have a Facebook account. So you can also go ahead and create a new account.

Facebook Page name and category

And once you’ve gotten logged in, you’ll come to this create a page profile. So the first one is it’s going to want your page name, this typically is going to be your business name. So you can match those up one to one. So we’ll go and use our sample one. And then it’ll check to make sure that one is unique, these do have to be unique within the Facebook platform.

Next, you can hook up a category. These are what describes your business, you can have up to three of those, but you do have to match categories that exist within Facebook. So as you start typing in some words, so let’s just say I’ll try house service, sitter, you know, so it has to be there. So in this case, again, if you’re a plumber, oops, get plumbing service. So it’s not plumbers plumbing service, say your roofer Roofing Service. So again, you got to kind of pick the ones that exist here. So for my test, one actually choose something called local service. But again, you would pick one that’s more associated, you can then pick additional ones that are descriptive, but you do want them to be descriptive that relate back to your business, not that are just trying to stuff additional categories there.

The description, we’re just going to leave blank, because it’s not required. And we’ll get into that at a later point, you’ll see a kind of a preview here of what it’s looking like. Again, we’ll get into some more of these things here. But this is giving you a good indication of how a typical Facebook pages so there’s an image and icon or logo, your name, which is a description. And then these are the additional features that we’ll get into. And just in case you want to see what to look back on mobile, you can kind of do that, then we’ll go ahead and Korea page. It was not created, you can add your images and other things.

Finished Facebook Page creation

Okay, so we’re now the page has been created. We’re now interacting and these important first steps come up, we’ll just kind of go through these really quick. You can upload images and create your welcome post invite friends, add a page button visitors will go ahead and disclose this. And we’ll see the framework of our page has been created. So again, we’re missing a an image here, we have an H representing our thing, we have our description there. And we have a whole bunch of extra information. So that’s it, we’ve created a Facebook page, it is really that simple. So again, we have our page here. Now let’s just say you had been logged in before and to create a page, you’ll see very similar things. One is if you go up here to the plus sign, you’ll have different things here, but you’ll have an option right here to create a page. So if you had that created page, you go right back to the beginning. So again, like I said, there’s multiple ways to get to the same place. So that’s pretty much it. Again, a Facebook page, creating it is pretty straightforward. Again, you need to have a Facebook account. And then you go ahead and create the page making sure to give it a page name and a category and you’ll have the start of a Facebook page.

Conclusions about creating a Facebook Page

So some conclusions. To wrap everything up about creating a Facebook page. Again, a Facebook page is your place to have a business presence on the Facebook platform allows you to connect with followers who want to follow your business has a number of different features, like an about reviews and things like that. And then there are advanced options like for analytics and advertising.

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