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Ready to get started improving the digital marketing for your home services business? This is the place. The information below will walk you through the different digital marketing techniques that you need to implement in your business. First, get an overview about digital marketing. Then learn about the basics of marketing including having a marketing plan and branding.

The remaining sections will go over the specific digital marketing techniques you need in your local services business. They are listed in order of importance. The foundation is your business website. Then learn about business listings, reputation management and social media. These three are the core way you raise awareness for your business. The final two sections will discuss IT projects and paid advertising. IT projects help streamline your business operations and paid advertising can extend the reach of your marketing message.

The sections all explain what each digital marketing technique is and go into detail about how they can help your business. Digital Marketing Extreme is your source for digital marketing tips and techniques for your home service business.

Home Service Digital Marketing


Digital marketing is an expansion of traditional marketing that uses Internet technologies to help your business reach its potential audience. The main reason you need to use digital marketing in your home service business is because traditional marketing no longer has the reach it once did.

  • Overview of digital marketing
  • Comparison with traditional marketing
  • Inbound versus outbound marketing
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home service web design


Websites are a great digital marketing method to communicate many things about your home service business. A website is completely under your control to display your business in the best way possible. There are a number of reasons why you want a website. A key is that a local service website is a digital storefront for your business which is always available to your potential and current customers.

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Business lists are profiles about your company on specific websites. These profiles help with building awareness for company with search engines and mapping websites. They give your company more visibility if you have more listings. Business listings can make sure your company is displayed next to your competition.

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Learn about Reputation Management


Social media networks are communities of people sharing. It is a new way for you to communicate and humanize your business. You want to try to gain followers so you can share information about your business. Social media allows you to raise brand awareness and increase traffic to your website.

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Paid advertising is paying to place your marketing message on different ad platforms like websites, search engines and social media networks. It is a way to directly market to your customer. The benefits are targeting and flexibly budgets. There are a number of types for your business.

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